Historical team building in Old Town in Stockholm

This exciting adventure game set in Stockholm ’s most historic neighborhood : Old Town

We start from the Main Square and the group is divided into teams of up to 10 people. Each team gets an Ipad where all the instructions , map and challenges exist . We start the game and the time starts to count down. Via your iPad you will see how you will move you around the Old Town alleys. When you arrive at a challenge, it is automatically activated in your Ipad. Then you have to solve the task within the specified time. It may mean by finding an answer to a historical question , solve a tricky problem, or use the camera in the Ipad to photograph or videotape .

When time is up, goes all the teams back to the starting point or to a restaurant. The teams that have been most successful on the challenges met in the duel where the winning team will be crowned.

This includes:
Activity leader
Ipads for each team
Medals to the winners

Time: 90 minutes
Participants: 10-200 pax